Inspiration to keep pushing forward… The dynamics and beauty of crowd formation. 

Think your idea is too silly or off-beat for a billboard? Think again!

Virtually anything is billboard-worthy:  Stewie Griffin for President, Legalize Weed, Happy Birthday Elvis, Music Feeds The Soul, Glenn Beck Sucks… Seriously, anything goes. 

I wonder what would happen if we funded a billboard that read, “Smile.” Would it cause some people to smile as they passed it?  And would those smiles be contagious to others they interacted with.  Could we get an entire city smiling? I think we can.

2 for 2. Bradley Manning billboards go up right in the heart of Kansas City.

August 9, 2011 - Another two EpicStep billboards went up in Kansas City, Missouri in support of Bradley Manning.

Keeping with the times, we decided to go digital.  Each billboard will broadcast each of the two winning designs for seven and a half seconds every minute of every day for an entire month.  Here are the exact locations of the two billboards: Billboard 1 - Billboard 2.

Over the course of the next month, the ‘Support Bradley Manning…’ designs will be seen by over 2 million viewers.

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Gilad Shalit billboard takes center stage on La Cienega Blvd. and Olympic Blvd.

The ‘Free Gilad Shalit’ billboard made its debut yesterday afternoon and looks proudly over the consistent traffic present throughout the day. Here is a link to the exact billboard location in case you’re feeling adventurous. 

This billboard is loud, thought-provoking, and altogether awesome. 

Great job epic-steppers.  

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Webservice Helps Launch Cause-Based Crowd-Funded Billboard in LA

New Service Leads to Crowd-Sourced LA Billboard

'Free Gilad Shalit' Billboard To Go Up in Los Angeles

Billboard calling for Gilad Shalit’s release to be erected in L.A.

'Free Gilad Shalit' billboard to go up in Los Angeles

Billboard calling for release of Gilad Shalit to go up in LA

We were all really excited to hear the news.

Power to the People! Breaking through your social network.

The world has changed. Social media, barely a blip on the radar 10 years ago, is now a powerful force worldwide. Facebook has more than 600 million users. It’s the most popular website in the U.S. — bigger than Google.

So, when you start a campaign, make Facebook and Twitter a part of your plan. Reach out and inspire others to spread your messages.  With the help of your friends and followers, you can accomplish much more than you thought.  You have a vast resource at your fingertips — social networking. Use it.

Obama won the presidency by using it. Foreign governments have toppled because of it.  Imagine what can you do…

You needz it!


We do it every day.  Talk, text, tweet, email.  You can barely walk 2 steps without communicating in some form or another.  But reaching the masses is still reserved for corporate advertising and well-funded public interest groups.

EpicStep was founded on the idea of creating a platform that gives individuals the same power of expression as the ‘big boys’ — Coke, Ford, AmEx, etc.  The ability to communicate with the masses.  To reach them.  To make our individual voices heard.

It’s probably too early to tell, but I think it’s actually starting to work.

I am continually inspired by the campaigns people submit and fund. It makes me believe in what we are doing more and more every day.  Thank you for inspiring this journey.

FREE GILAD SHALIT! billboard erected on the brink of 5th Anniversary.

Congratulations to Gal and all of the supporters who made this campaign a reality. 

The billboard went up yesterday morning and will be viewed by over 1.2 million people in this month alone.  Here are the pictures we’ve received thus far.

If you’re in the area, it’s on the northwest corner of 10th Avenue and W 35th Street in Midtown Manhattan (Google Maps) 

The billboard is hard to miss and the message difficult to ignore ;)

Great job guys!

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OBAMA NEEDS A PRIMARY CHALLENGER bus ads hit the street!

The transit authority in Washington D.C. managed to get their act together and we are ecstatic to announce that the ‘Obama needs a primary challenger’ ads have finally hit the street.

Because the whole process took so much longer than usual we were able to get our CBS Representative to put out six bus ads instead of one! 

We were all pretty shocked with the good news.  Six bus ads traveling through the busiest areas in D.C. 

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Global study concludes: Sharing really is caring!

If you want your campaign to blast off and get the attention it deserves… Share share share!!! Share it with friends, share it with strangers, share it with your Great Aunt Edna.

Send emails, use social media, write to bloggers, call your local congressman. Do whatever it takes to broadcast your EpicStep campaign to the world. Find a passionate group of supporters who are enthusiastic about your message. These people will be the key to your campaign’s success — they’ll spread it far and wide. If it’s an environmental message, contact Greenpeace, Surfrider, etc. If it’s a sports message, reach out to fans and followers. Tell anyone and everyone!

Be genuine. Get opinions. If it resonates, these followers will support your campaign and spread it like wildfire.  

Good luck!